How to create passive income as a cover art designer

Why you should work on a passive income

As a cover art designer, you may find yourself stuck in the cycle of trading time for money. Whether you charge an hourly rate or a flat price for client work, your earnings will always be limited by your rates and the amount of time you can work. But what if there was a way to generate income that wasn’t limited by the number of hours you work? In this article, we’ll explore how to create passive income as a cover art designer and why it’s worth pursuing.

Passive income ideas for cover art designers

Passive income is money you earn without actively trading your time for it. Instead, you put in effort upfront to create a product or service that can continue to generate income over time. Developing alternative sources of income can provide more stability in your earnings and allow you to focus on something you enjoy. The best part? The sky’s the limit, and what you get out of it is entirely up to you.

Pre made cover art

Pre made cover art is artwork that has already been created and is available for purchase as a ready made design. These designs are often created by graphic designers who offer them for sale on various online platforms. Pre made cover art is usually sold at a lower cost than custom designed artwork.

Design resources

There’s a huge demand for graphics and design resources, such as brushes, fonts, icons, and textures. Other designers may be interested in buying your products to use in their own designs and creations.

Physical products featuring your designs

You can turn your cover art designs into physical products like posters, t-shirts, or phone cases, and sell them on print-on-demand sites. You won’t have to worry about production or shipping, and you’ll earn a percentage of each sale.


Creating tutorials and sharing your design knowledge on YouTube can be a great way to generate passive income as a designer. By consistently creating valuable content and building a following, you can monetize your videos in various ways.

One of the most common ways to monetize YouTube videos is through ads. As your channel grows and meets YouTube’s monetization requirements, you can enable ads to play before or during your videos. You’ll earn a portion of the ad revenue based on how many views your videos receive.


Creating passive income as a cover art designer can be a great way to add stability and diversity to your earnings. By exploring various options like pre-made cover art, design resources, physical products, and YouTube tutorials, you can leverage your skills and creativity to generate income that isn’t limited by the number of hours you work. While these options may require upfront effort, they have the potential to pay off in the long run and provide you with more freedom and flexibility in your career as a designer.

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How to create passive income as a cover art designer